Who We Are? About Iran
About Iran

Iran, the heartland of Middle East, is bridging Persian Gulf coastal countries in the south and Russia and CIS countries in north, south Asian countries in east borders and Mediterranean countries in its west. With its long history backs to 7000 years ago
Possessing an 80 million population with an eye to 500 million market of the region has become a potential and promising market for the horizons up to 2025 and beyond.
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Its top quality human resources are the main reasons that convince all investors to make benefit of talents for manufacturing and production of goods and providing services
The infrastructures such as roads, railways, ports, airports and transportation, telecommunication and power are well established in all areas and directions enabling firms to base their business as a hub for exporting their products and services to the region’s markets.
In recent years the government has facilitated and supported foreign direct investment
The 500 billion GDP can be divided to 3 main parts: Industry Sector, Services Sector and Agriculture Sector
The industry is mainly based on Energy industry including the driving Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals and Mines and Mining Industries including Metals and Materials such as Steel, Copper, Aluminium, Tile & Ceramics, Glass and Cement production.
The Service section
The 100 million ton agricultural products have top quality standards however suffering from application of old technologies which is an opportunity for global companies to take part in modernization.

So the main question is what should be the strategy to enter this emerging market?
This is a complicated market which the relationships play a major role and succeeding needs to study the market, find a suitable partner, know the laws and rules, approach the customers and win.